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St Cloud Motorcyclist Killed In Wisconsin

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Sunday evening, a St Cloud man was pulled over on the side of the road due to one of the riders in his group having mechanical troubles. A pickup truck ran him over and then fled the scene. Through the use of dogs the Wisconsin State Patrol was able to find the driver Monday morning. The circumstances are still being investigated.

With the continued warm weather and gas prices staying high more people are driving fuel efficient alternatives and are continuing to be out on the roads in great numbers. Motorcycles should be seen on the road and all vehicles and people on the side of the road, have got to be seen. It will be interesting to see if speed and drinking were involved for the pickup driver.

As with any death , there are a number of issues that will need to be reviewed. My partner, Joe Crumley, addressed this topic in a recent article for the Minnesota Lawyers Trial magazine. I was interviewed last year on the same topic. For the family of the rider, sympathy goes out as the case makes it through the criminal system. Their loved one should have been safe out on the road.