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1 in 6 Deaths in New York Disability Homes are not Natural Causes

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That numbers seems stunning. It accounts for more than 1,200 deaths in private and state run homes over the last decade. The examples are individuals who have drowned, fallen, and been over medicated over time. How is this happening?

This article in the New York Times is startling because it was a product of their investigation:

Through a Freedom of Information request to the State Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons With Disabilities, The Times obtained data for all 7,118 cases of developmentally disabled people — those with conditions like cerebral palsy, autism and Down syndrome — who died while in state care over the past decade.

These are cases that often see immunity defenses and governmental caps here in Minnesota. They involve individuals who may not have anyone looking out for them. They are the weak and the disabled whose treatment is a true test of what kind of society we are.

If you or a family member is aware of this type of treatment and such a tragedy, it is important that early investigation be done to find out what happened. It's important that we protect those who are the most vulnerable.