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Diocese of St. Cloud List Includes 21 with St. John’s Abbey Ties

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Friday,  the Diocese of St. Cloud released a list of 33 priests accused of sexually abusing minors.  Included in that list were 21 with ties to St John’s Abby :

Eight (8) are or have been monks with Saint John’s Abbey:

   Rev. Robert Blumeyer, OSB

   Rev. Cosmas Dalheimer, OSB

   Rev. Richard Eckroth, OSB

   Rev. Thomas Gillespie, OSB

   Rev. Francis Hoefgen, OSB

   Rev. Othmar Hohmann, OSB

   Rev. Brennan Maiers, OSB

   Rev. Francisco Schulte, OSB

  •  (Hoefgen) left the abbey.
  • three (Blumeyer, Dalheimer, Hohmann)  died while members of the monastic community.
  • four (Schulte, Maiers, Gillespie, Eckroth) still reside at the abbey.

Twelve (12) graduated from St. John’s University and/or School of Theology:

   Rev. Sylvester Gall, (SJU ’34) (SOT ’38)

   Rev. Raymond C. Jacques (SOT ’48)

   Rev. Val Klimek (SJU ’40)

   Rev. Joseph Kremer (SJU ’63) (SJU Staff 1976-1984)

   Rev. Richard Kujawa (SOT ’50)

   Rev. James Mohm (SOT ’27)

   Rev. Donald Rieder (SJU ’51)

   Rev. Peter Snyers (SOT ’53)

   Rev. Allan Speiser (SJU ’45)

   Rev. James Thoennes (SJU ’60)

   Rev. William Wey (SJU ’42)

   Deacon Michael Weber (SJU ’66) (Attended SOT 66-70)


One (1) was very involved at Saint John’s University:

   Msgr. Vincent Yzermans (Admissions Volunteer 1979, Presenter, Speaker, Contributor)

There are still  other lists out there,  including lists that have been kept by the Abbey.

Abuse of children and the continued silence by the offenders needs to be prevented. If you suffered, saw, or suspected such events, it is important to know that there is help out there.