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Child Proofing Furniture is Important

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From time to time, we get called concerning children who have been injured by falling furniture. A past case made it to the Minnesota Court of Appeals which found that parents were responsible for protecting their children when they were with their children at the time of an injury from a falling bookcase at a neighbors house. There may be more said about that case in the future, but for now parents need to always be vigilant.

The Minneapolis Tribune provided a number of great tips to prevent injuries:

• Put TVs on stands that are low to the ground. Consider attaching them to the wall with safety straps or even Velcro.

• Avoid putting tempting items, such as toys, on top of furniture. Kids might try to climb up to retrieve them.

• When buying new furniture, select pieces with wide legs or solid bases.

• Install drawer stops that prevent drawers from pulling all the way out and falling on little toes.

• Put heavy items on shelves lower to the ground to prevent tipping.

Each parent or adult who has children around should review this list and make sure each child is safe.