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History Suggests St John’s Abbey Has Not Earned Trust About Reporting


Last week , the St Cloud Times reported about the statement from St John’s Abbey about the removal this week of Rev. Thomas Andert  as Prior. Abbey spokesman the Rev. Aelerd Senna said    :

Due to the fact the allegation dates back three decades and was reported by an adult, the Abbey did not have to follow the Minnesota mandatory reporting statute. Senna said the Abbey provided the letter writer contact information for the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department and advised him of his right to make a report to law enforcement.

Isn’t the Abbey again setting themselves up as Sheriff, Judge and Jury?  We know historically they didn’t report allegations.  Here they could have , just to be safe,  but instead told the Survivor “You go do it”.  It makes you wonder what they knew to even tell the person.

They simply have very little credibility when it comes to disclosure.   They haven’t practiced zero tolerance. As I have pointed out earlier this week they already had reasons to question Andert, but hadn’t.  They promoted him instead.  They need to let the police and legal system review the facts and decide what is criminal and deserves punishment.

It is important that the message keep getting out and that those who give voice to disclosure continue to be supported and representatives of the Church truly practice a policy of zero tolerance. Secrecy and nondisclosure is what this festering scab does not need.Abuse of children and the continued silence by the offenders needs to be prevented. If you suffered, saw, or suspected such events, it is important to know that there is help out there.



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  1. Old says:
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    Janelle Kendall: it is your job to investigate this coverup, which has gone on for decades.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    It will be interesting to see what happens with the Ramsey county case and the difference to the inaction of others in the country. Thanks for reading and the comment