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How Safe is That Tanning Bed?


I’ve never had much interest in tanning. Seems like it comes or it doesn’t. It’s probably a product of having more skin than hair on my head, so it really doesn’t seem like it will improve things that much. Because of that, I’ve been in a tanning bed once back in 1986. Just didn’t seem like it was worth the time.

Studies that have been done here in Minnesota suggest that maybe everyone should be thinking through their value. The University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health and Masonic Center conducted studies on over 2000 users and found that:

People who used tanning beds 100 times over the course of a 10-year period were found to be roughly 3 times more likely to develop potentially fatal disease compared to those who do not use indoor tanning beds

That works out to 10 times a year, but seems like you really wouldn’t want to get close to the number or anywhere near it. I might even consider not taking any risk at all.

Some other reading worth considering:

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  1. Reina says:
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    I refuse to go to a tanning bed or even to be exposed to the sun for over about 30 minutes and then I also wear sunblock. I like to spray tan and also sunless tanning lotions. It’s safer and probably just as effective. Thanks.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    good advice, thanks for reading and leaving the comment.