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Let’s Have A Safe Deer Hunt

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Deer hunting season is opening for firearms tomorrow. It is important that it be a safe year. So when you are driving deer out of a cornfield:

  • count the heads of your hunting party before you start shooting.
  • discuss predetermine zones of fire.
  • Always assume sounds and movement are other hunters.
  • Make sure of your target
  • Check the background of any shot
  • Wear as much blaze orange as possible.

In each of the last two years there have been 20 Minnesotan hunting accidents and two fatal incidents. It would be great to see those numbers drop in 2010.

For all hunters, the Injuryboard members have provided gun safety and hunting tips in the past. For each hunt, it’s important that the supervising adult be vigilant concerning each young hunter, that every hunter be watch out for them self, for everyone to use their gun properly, and be safe.