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Need To Keep Cars Off 2012 Minnesota Ice

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There have been all types of vehicles and people falling through Ice around the Twin Cities.

  • Feb. 8: an SUV broke through ice on Eagle Lake in Maple Grove.
  • Feb. 7: an ATV broke through ice on Parker’s Lake in Plymouth.
  • Feb. 6: an SUV broke through ice on Medicine Lake in Plymouth.
  • Feb. 4: a pick-up truck broke though ice on Lake Minnetonka, Upper Lake. The vehicle became submerged and the driver escaped through a window. A passerby, a man who was cross country skiing, assisted the man with getting out of the lake. The man was transported to a hospital and treated for hypothermia.
  • Feb. 4: a pick-up truck broke though ice on Lake Minnetonka, Smith’s Bay.

We need to look at the thermometer and not at the calendar this winter. The Hennepin and Ramsey Sheriff departments have announced that:

enough is enough by prohibiting the use of cars, trucks and SUVs on all frozen bodies of water in the county. Lake access points were closed on Feb. 9, and will remain closed until further notice.

It is important that no matter the date, we need to make sure that the ice is safe before it is used. Also check out:

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Winter is a great time in Minnesota. Safety thoughts will make it even better.