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Round Up : Couple Of Legal Topics And What Happened 47 Years Ago Today

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- The ABA Journal listed the top fictional lawyers of all time.

- There was a interesting look at personal responsibility at Ricochet by Adam Freedman. Apparently, Girl’s Gone Wild profiting off unauthorized tapes is needs greater protection than the taped woman’s rights. Seems to me, if you profit off of tapes of naked woman, you should at least pay them or have a release from them.

- Minnesota Litigator had a very interesting story about a Railroad defendant who set themselves up for liability by playing games with Federal removal.

- Good argument for not representing yourself.

- A good reason to think a couple of times before publishing a rant on the internet.

- Brett Emison pointed out how Missouri lawyers are helping with Legal Aid needs.

- With all of the odd things going on in Washington today spend a couple of minutes and watch the real thing: