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Round Up: Some Great Legal Ingenuity

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Saw a couple of things recently that I thought were important to point out:

- Jeff Anderson and Associates , from here in Minnesota, recently used a federal porn law, Masha’s Law, to go after Father Shawn Ratigan, Bishop Robert Finn, and the Diocese of Kansas City

- Is the Minnesota Implied Consent law constitutional? The Minnesota DWI Defense blog suggests that there should be more questions asked.

- The Federal government is claiming that Full Tilt was a giant ponzi scheme. As pointed out tonight:

Doyle Brunson :

Ok, I believe everyone has some % of greed in them. But to have a company worth billions and screw it up for 40 million?

Doesn’t make any sense.

- Finally, Leone Noble & Seate, LLP tell us about a jury duty scam that is really identity theft. As they conclude: Stay protected…keep your identifying information private!!!!