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U S Chamber Video About Swing Sets Looks To Be More Hogwash

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There is an interesting video from the U S Chamber going around focusing on the removal of swing sets because of lawsuits involving "relatively minor injuries". One of their usual attempts to create some great horror that can be used to close the courthouse doors. Thing is, they may again be playing with the truth.

A closer look at the story has a couple of twists:

- The school was told that they couldn’t just take down swings because that was against school regulations for playgrounds.

But it gets better:

- The swings were then taken down because: swing sets were out of compliance with national playground safety standards.

- They did leave the monkey bars on the playgrounds, even though Cabell County schools safety manager Tim Stewart said more injuries occur on monkey bars than swings.

But it gets even more interesting when one of the stars of the U S Chamber propaganda,
Superintendent William Smith is quoted as saying:

the decision is not about whether they will get sued, but about keeping the children safe.

Wait a second, do you mean that the U S Chamber is using something that isn’t true????