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Value of Renter Insurance

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The Insurancenewsnet, gives us a good reminder that renter insurance is important:

  • Renters experience apartment theft 50 percent more than homeowners, yet nearly 70 percent of renters don't have coverage.
  • Renters insurance typically covers furniture, appliances, televisions, and clothing — all of which are identified as a person’s personal property inside the rental unit.
  • Tenants should also confirm coverage includes personal liability. A crucial part of renters insurance, personal liability, provides coverage for compensatory damages if a tenant is legally liable for another person’s bodily injury or property damage as a result of an accident.

We see cases from time to time where the coverage has been vital after a person has been injured. The renters who had the foresight to protect themselves have made a big difference.

If you are a renter, it is helpful that you protect you and your family in a manner that keeps you all safe.