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Pink Slime? Was That the Reason They Wanted Immunity? Update

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I wrote about the Hamburger Bill in the past and remember the time the author even showed up drinking a McDonalds drink just to show how safe everything was. I wonder if he's thinking about eating a bunch of pink slime? Apparently there are chicken nuggets and hamburger patties that all start out before the dye and processing as pink goo:


Reading Dr Akilah El blog on the topic is just sickening.

I was concerned in the past when I wrote:

But, the bill goes way beyond simply saying the people in New York can't sue here in Minnesota for getting fat. It provides a protective shield for more likely scenarios, where corporations should be held responsible.

I've always wondered if the bill was really a shield from what we didn't know. No person or corporation should ever get blanket immunity.

(update) for an additional perspective check this out from Iowa personal injury lawyer, Steve Lombardi, who gives us: What do Pink Slime and the McDonald's Verdict have in common?

The consumer should always be protected. It will be interesting to see the fallout as the pink slime continues to be examined.