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Week Of Collisions Causing Widespread Damage

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There are a number of blogs here at the Injuryboard that focus on particular collisions. Each is a tragedy that should have been avoided. This week in Minnesota, we saw a number of collisions that reached beyond a couple of cars:

  • Early Friday morning, residence of Grant, Minnesota, were forced to evacuate their homes, after a car rolled and hit a natural gas line near 75th Street W. and Jamaca Avenue N.
  • Tuesday morning, a truck driver clipped a power pole and knocked down a power line near the State Fair. The driver was cited for inattentive driving. There were two blackouts as a result.
  • Saturday morning, two young men were in a pickup truck that drove underneath a semi truck. The semi was stalled or taking a U-turn on U.S. 212.

Interesting cases that will each have liability and no fault issues. Each involved actions by vehicles that caused damage that was unexpected. They each involved injuries (gas inhalation, electrocution , and a possible beheading) that you don’t see often in collisions.