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Why Would Anyone Ever Give Up Their Facebook Password?

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There has been a lot of talk about employers who are now asking potential employees to hand over their passwords to their Facebook accounts. I guess the theory is that they could look around and see everything. The problem is that it would also give them the chance to change pages with both additions and subtractions.

Why would anyone give someone a chance to have that much access? I could understand allowing them to view the page, but there is a big difference between looking and letting them in the front door. I know there are still privacy issues, but I generally subscribe to the belief that once it's out on the internet, it is going to get out. So a view is going to happen one way or another.

I remember some time ago hearing from a person who had a protected Twitter account because they often tweeted about their complaints about work. Which if they never allow any followers might be safe, but then why tweet at all. However, all it takes is one of those close friend followers to get mad or decide it would be fun to pass a message along, and guess what? That complaint is right out there in the open.

My advice is don't put it out there if you don't want someone to see it. Just as important, don't lie about what's out there. Finally, if you have a doubt, don't post it.