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Getting Rid Of A Digital Copier? What Else Is With It?

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How many copies do you produce each day? While I don’t personally do that many these days, I still produce 1000’s of copies regularly. Add the whole office together and there is a lot of things being copied. We have always been sensitive with our documents to make sure originals get back to clients and mistakes get shredded or safely stored. But, what did the copier itself retain?

I came across an interesting story from CBS News the other day. Apparently, just like your computer hard drive and all of the exchange servers out there, the digital copy machine has a memory. So when the machine gets exchanged, a copy of those copies you thought were so safe goes with it.

In their investigation, they bought old machines and were able to retrieve all sorts of documents. Just another thing that our electrical advancements have made easier for us. Think of all the things you’ve copied in just the last month.