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Protecting The Nurses That Help Those Who Are Sick

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Over time we have had the opportunity to interact with a number of nurses. Sometime, it’s as a part of a clients case as we review nurses notes and hear stories about the type of treatment that was reviewed. We have also represented a number of nurses and learned about the affect that injuries will have upon doing their job.

They have a lot of potential lifting in their job. This is an issue that has been looked at by the Minnesota legislator and is now being looked at federally. Bettye Shogren, of the Minnesota Nurses Association, has been out to Washington to testify about the topic.

As Derek Wallbank, of the MinnPost.com pointed out:

With nurses lifting as much as 1.8 tons over an eight-hour shift, advocates say it’s little surprise that more nursing aides have OSHA-recordable accidents than any other profession in Minnesota, according to records kept by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. The last available list, from 2007, also includes registered nurses in 9th place.

There is no question that this is a issue that needs to be looked at. Hopefully, they will see the wisdom nationally.