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70 Year Old Nevis Woman Killed Near Bemidji

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A 70-year-old Nevis woman was driving her van southbound on Minnesota 89. The deadly collision took place at the intersection with westbound U.S. 2. Her van was hit by a truck that was traveling on 2. A 71 year old man was injured in the collision.

The Bemidji Pioneer described the collision as:

The van had stopped at the stop sign along Highway 89 and then began to proceed through the intersection.

Anderson, who had been headed west on U.S. Highway 2, said he tried to both change lanes and stop as soon as he saw the van proceed through the intersection.

Seems like there has been a increased number of people that have been killed as they cross busy highways. While there may be many factors involved in each cases he general rules for these type of interstate crossings are identified by the Michigan Department of Transportation:

When approaching intersections give the right-of-way to pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

When making left turns, you must with a yield sign, slow down before

reaching the intersection, and then yield the right-of-way to any

vehicle in the intersection and to cross traffic. Stop if necessary.

without traffic signals or signs, or four-way stop intersections, yield

to the driver on the right if you reach the intersection at the same

time as another vehicle. Yield to any vehicle that reaches an

intersection before you.


Most crashes occur at intersections. Always remember—any

time you are not sure what other drivers are going to do, let them

go first.

Our sorrow goes out to the womans family and friends.