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Bowl Game Reminder- Don’t Drink And Drive


There is no doubt that Steve Lombardi, Gibson Vance, Jeff Rasansky, and I will be cheering on our local teams in the bowls this year. Sure Gibson and Vance will have a little bit more at stake with the National Championship, but my bet is that Steve will be just as into his Hawkeyes.

It was my look to Iowa and some reading about the Gophers opponent Iowa State, that I ran upon a great announcement from the Newton, Iowa Police Department. They are reminding local fans to cheer on their teams and take in the gridiron greatness responsibly.

the announcement came with great pointers:

• Make the right play. When you’ve been drinking, toss the keys and catch a safe and sober ride. Remember: Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.

• Make sure your college bowl party doesn’t end with a crash: Choose a designated driver before the game begins. Support that person in their choice to stay sober.

• Take a cab or public transportation to and from your bowl party.

• Watch the big game at home. Then travel isn’t necessary.

• When in doubt, toss the keys out.

• Sleep it off, if you’ve had too much to drink. Time is on your side.

• When you see a friend or fan that has had too much to drink, do whatever it takes to stop them from driving drunk.

• If you suspect another fan is operating under the influence of alcohol, do the right thing and call 911. You could be saving someone’s life.

When you and your friends arrive home safely from the big game, everyone wins.

Oh , and Go Gophers.


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  1. Steve Lombardi says:
    up arrow

    The Hawkeye’s have a proud tradition! We will be victorious!


  2. Mike Bryant says:
    up arrow

    We unfortunately didn’t. Go get them for the Big 10.