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Brainard/Baxter To See More Needed Road Construction


From time to time we represent clients who have had the misfortune to have been in collisions at or near the intersection of Highway 10 and 371 in Baxter. A couple of those happened during the past construction in that area. Over time, it’s been incredible to see the increased number of businesses in the area.

Each time I’m in trial up there , I usually stay in one of the hotels just north of there. As I have noticed on each trip up there, it wouldn’t hurt to add stop lights to some of those intersections. Apparently, MnDOT is looking at these areas:

This fall MnDOT intends to:

• Make the intersection a three-quarters intersection, meaning no left turns from Elder Drive onto Highway 210.

• Put signs up on Elder Drive directing people to use frontage roads.

• Encourage motorists to make U-turns at Inglewood Drive to the west.

The intersection, just west of the intersection at Highways 210 and 371, was brought to the forefront of city and state debate after three serious vehicle collisions, including two fatalities happened in the past eight months. Hopefully, these changes and others that are being considered will stop those from continuing to happen.


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  1. Daniel 8791 says:
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    Although I rarely approach Baxter from that direction myself; the times that I have, I’ve definitely noticed the incredible volume of high speed traffic that I don’t recall compared to 10 years ago. This is indeed a needed upgrade and hopefully will help keep people from being killed by crossing over the major highway. Thanks for the good news on this project.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    The project should help a lot. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.