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Driving Safety: Carbon Monoxide Is Deadly- Keep Running Vehicles Outside

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A recent story about nine people in Connecticut who ended up in the hospital because of a car that was left running in an attached garage should have altered us all to the dangers of carbon monoxide. It also reminds me of a couple of cases that have gone through the appellant court system here in Minnesota.

In each of those cases, people were killed as they slept in or upstairs from running cars. In the Connecticut case it was the carbon monoxide detector in the house that probably prevented it from happening there also.

When it’s cold, it’s temping to just let the car warm up. But those are deadly fumes that are coming out and whats worse is that one of the side effects is unconsciousness. In each of those Minnesota cases, the result was even harder on the survivors when the court found that there was no basic No fault coverage because the car wasn’t being used as a car at the time.

Be safe keep the running cars out side.