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Dinkytown Has Been Dangerous for Pedestrians

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This past week has been a tragic one for pedestrians and bike riders in and around Dinkytown in Minneapolis.

- Early Friday morning, one University of Minnesota student was killed and two more were hospitalized when a car going the wrong way down Fifth Street Southeast hit two groups of pedestrians.

- Thursday morning, a semi truck hit and killed a University of Minnesota student at the intersection of Fourth Street and 15th Avenue Southeast just in front of the Dinkytown McDonald’s. The student was biking south toward campus on 15th Avenue when the truck, also traveling south, took a right onto Fourth Street, hitting her.

- Friday afternoon, a woman was hit in a crosswalk by a sedan near the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management at the intersection of 3rd St. South and 19th Av. South.

as I have written about before:

Minnesotans Should Be Safe In Crosswalks, Mike Bryant | July 12, 2010 9:01 AM

It is hard to see how any of these events happened. Everyone needs to slow down and have a better look out. The Area is filled with people on foot and two wheels. If you drive in the area, please keep that in mind