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Dram Shop Cases: There Are Some Big Issues With Coverage

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There is a case heading to the Minnesota Supreme Court that is going to be very important concerning how much coverage Minnesota bars. In a case called Brua the court will decide what the total amount of coverage is under many policies. Earlier the Court of Appeals decided unanimously that there was $300,000 in coverage, where the defendant bar had claimed there was only $100,000.

This is another example of good legal work and making sure that all coverages are reviewed. Previously, my partner Joe Crumley talked about how it is important to look at everything. While we will have to see see what the upper court does with this issue, it’s important in many cases to know what the law says right now.

These are cases that often involve a huge amount of emotion and a tremendous loss for those that are injured. It’s important that an experienced Personal Injury lawyer be contacted to help any of the parties involved figure out all of the coverages available. If you or a family member is involved make sure you talk to someone before you sign away rights you have or if you are told that you can’t make a claim.