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Drunk Driver Kills Talented Angels Pitcher

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One day removed from his great debut, Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others, were killed in a motor vehicle collision. The Fullton, California accident, occurred hours after the 22-year-old pitcher threw six scoreless innings against the Oakland Athletics.

This death was stunning in it’s suddenness. Adenhart’s dad had been in the stands to see his son’s excellent start . All of Major League Baseball will mourn the loss. Adenhart was a passenger in a Mitsubishi Eclipse that was broadsided by a minivan that ran a red light. The minivan driver had a suspended license because of a previous drunken driving conviction. Preliminary results indicated the driver’s blood-alcohol level was above the legal limit of .08 percent. Adenhart died in surgery at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, the other two in his vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene.

Having represented a number of families that have lost sons or daughters, it is clear to me that these losses are devastating. Hopefully, his family and friends will be surrounded with support and the help they need. My partner, Joe Crumley, addressed wrongful death in a recent article for the Minnesota Lawyers Trial magazine. I was interviewed last year on the same topic. Sorrow for the three families goes out.