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How Is A 6 Year Old Out On 35W?

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Tragic story this week of a 6 year old that was hit out on 35W near McAndrew Rd. This is a area that many vehicles use and makes you wonder how she got there. Early reports are that she climbed the fence. The high snow may have made the climb easier.

She was hit by a SUV that was driven by a man from Cold Spring. You wonder what he saw and how surprising it had to be, to have a young child out there on the highway. Sympathy goes out to the family and friends of the little girl.

For the toddler’s burial , there will be some no fault benefits as a resident relative from his home or if there is no coverage, from the No Fault of the involved car. If there is no coverage on the car, the bills would then go to the assign claims bureau for coverage.

As Steve Lombardi has pointed out, these type of incidents are so sad they no one wants to ever talk about them, but hopefully they will be used to prevent this type of thing from happening again.