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Hunter Safety: Real Life Story Of Why It’s Important

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If you are going hunting spend a little time reading the story in this week Minneapolis Tribune. It is the story of a hunting death from twenty years before of Kim Van Tassel.

Mistaken for a deer by another hunter, perhaps after legal shooting hours, Kim had been riding his three-wheeler back to camp when shots rang out. One hit him under his right armpit.

It’s the story of his wife and small children that were left behind to suffer from the loss:

"It’s all still vivid in my mind," she says. "I still remember the phone call that night. And I remember removing all the guns from my house for many, many years. Brandon was too young to remember a lot about his dad. Janelle was older and she remembers more. But she didn’t understand everything. I remember having to tell her that her dad wouldn’t be coming back. She didn’t quite understand."

For all hunters, the Injuryboard members have provided gun safety and hunting tips in the past. For each hunt, it’s important that the supervising adult be vigilant concerning each young hunter, that every hunter be watch out for them self, for everyone to use their gun properly, and be safe.