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Ice And Snow Still A Issue In May

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The last couple of weeks have been tragic on Minnesota highways. The high number of teens that have died and the early examples of high speed summer deaths. But, it snowed up to four inches this weekend and we again saw how weather affects the roads.

  • Friday evening, a southbound cloth-top convertible on I-35 in northern Minnesota lost control and rolled over into the median.
  • The same night, a Isanti County ambulance lost control, crossed the medium, and sideswiped a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee on the west shoulder of the road. The patient in the ambulance was killed.

Thankfully, the snow is gone again today. But, it’s a reminder of how safe driving can never takes a break. Snow, like fog, rain, and heavy winds all play a role in how we drive. Speed, never mises very well with any of them.