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Minnesotan Teenager’s Death is Texting and Seatbelt Example

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There are so many articles written here at the Injuryboard about the reasons not to text and drive. The stories and ongoing education will hopefully help, but there are real life examples that may tragically bring the story home better.

As Kare11 reported:

The Pine County Sheriff's Office is investigating a single-car crash that left 16 year old Haylie Samuelson dead Friday night.

Sharon Samuelson, Haylie's mom, said she was with Haylie less than two hours before the accident. They were talking and listening to music. Then the high school junior took off with her friend from Pine City to see another friend in Hinckley.

"I'm always reminding her and trying to make her realize that she needs to be careful and drive careful and watch your speed and not be messing around," Sharon said.

Despite the warning Haylie and her friend hit a sharp curve in the road and their car rolled over. Haylie died. Her friend was taken to the hospital. Broken glass still liters the scene and parts of Haylie's car are scattered about. Friends say Haylie was texting and driving.

Fox9 talked to students in the area and were told:

A lot of people said they were going to wear their seat belts," Thomas said, "and they are going to keep their phone in their purse or pocket.

There is so much of this type of information out there.


With April being National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it is time that we do everything to get the message out. Groups that are helping include: The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation, 60 For Safety, and EndDD.org

If you want to take action to help end distracted driving, here are two ways you can get started:

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