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New 35W Bridge Reminds Us Of Why Bridges Should Not Fall

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The issue of infrastructure has been a big topic across the nation.The bridges that have been shut down and the 35W tragedy have put Minnesota at the forefront concerning what should be done. In a logical and emotional appeal to all, a person injured in the 35W fall has pointed out why bridges shouldn’t fall.

Our office has been involved in the issue through Joe Crumley’s testimony at the state capitol as President of the Minnesota Association for Justice (MNaJ) and also in his speech to the MNaJ convention last summer.

The key is the importance of the large number of people who rely upon our bridges each day. It is simply an event that shouldn’t happen. For those injured in Minnesota, the state representatives had the foresight to create a fund that will hopefully compensate as many of the injured families as possible. This was a great action by the State, but they need to follow up with a solid investment in our existing roads and bridges.