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Primer For ATV Riders

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It's spring and the weather is great. No doubt the ATVs are coming out as snow mobiles didn't get used much. I have looked at the winter riding injuries in the past , hopefully the four wheelers won't be following suit. In order to head the problem off, the Minnesota DNR issues a number of tips:

  • ATVs are not toys and can be hazardous to operate. Supervise your youngster’s operation of the ATV at all times.
  • ATV operators less than 18 years old must wear an approved safety helmet, except when operating on private property. However to prevent head injuries, everyone should wear a helmet at all times.
  • An ATV handles differently from other vehicles. Even routine maneuvers, such as turning and driving on hills and over obstacles, can lead to serious injury if people fail to take proper precautions. With preparation and practice, operators can safely develop and expand their riding skills.
  • Youth need to “fit” the machine. A 60- to-120 pound youth and a 400-pound ATV are a mismatch.

More information is available in 2011-2012 Off-Highway Vehicle Regulation booklet.

We've handled a number of these cases over time. Sometimes they involve the crossing of highways and other impacts with other ATVs. Hopefully, more people will be weary this year and we will see a lot less of these injuries.