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Red Carpet Wrongful Death Case Has Pre Trial

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Friday in St. Cloud, there will be a pre-trial in the wrongful death law suit against the Red Carpet. The case comes from the 2005 death of Justin Smiley, after he was in an altercation with bouncers from the bar. One of the bouncers was criminally charged and found not guilty for the death.

A key issue in the case is whether or not there had been prior incidents between bouncers and patrons. The suit makes a claim that the bar employees:

had vicious and dangerous propensities as exhibited by acts and threats said personnel had made in other fights and altercations with patrons”

The attorney for the bar is denies the claims.

As the trial progresses, it is expected that the facts at the base of this claim will come to light. The overall issue in the case is the exchange between bouncers and patrons.

-What responsibility does the bar have to the people that got drunk at the bar?

-What amount of force if any is appropriate for the bouncers?

-What training should the bouncers have?