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Red Sox Down Two: But The Angel's Are Inspired

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I’ve said it many times, I am a die hard Red Sox fan. That used to be a much harder thing to be for most of my life. The past couple of years, they have been much easier to watch. But, I do have to admit, that the California Angel’s ongoing remembrance of Nick Adenhart does touch me because of the work I do.

Drunk Driving is a horrible thing. It is so very true when that horrid mistake leads to the taking of a life. For the young promising Angels right hander it was a loss that affected his family, his team and all of their fans. It put the game in perspective and reminds us of how precious each life is.

Today, I will still be cheering for my team as they come back to Fenway, but that being said, I do hope that people reflect upon what happened. Number 34 needs to be remembered for what he might have done and what his death can teach us all.