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Spring: Warmer Weather And Higher Speeds

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It’s real nice to see the 70’s back for temperatures in Minnesota. It’s great to see the grass greening up and no more mounds of snow taking up parking spaces. The problem is that better roads often means faster driving. It’s probably not a coincidence, that the first week of snow and the first week of sunny sky’s means an unfortunate increased number of deaths on Minnesota roads.

This past week saw seven deaths which included:

As with bed weather, it’s important that everyone SLOW DOWN. At a time when the number of overall road deaths is decreasing these sudden rises in horrible loses should be heeded.

As with any death in a Minnesota motor vehicle collision, there are a number of issues that will need to be reviewed. My partner, Joe Crumley, addressed this topic in a recent article for the Minnesota Lawyers Trial magazine. I was interviewed last year on the same topic. In this case, sorrow for the families of those involved goes out.