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Stearns County To Send Out Anti DUI Cards

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Recently Stearns County was ranked the Sixth deadliest county for DUI deathes in the State of Minnesota. In an effort to combat that problem, the Stearns County’s Safe Communities Coalition, a group working to change driving behaviors to reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries, is sending out postcards through a local Shopping Newspaper.

The postcards are intended to remind people of the dangers of drinking and Driving and also add to the ongoing discussion about the problem. With the number of deaths caused by driving while intoxicated increasing in the State, this is a noble effort.

It’s important we all keep the following in mind:

Don’t Drink and Drive

Use designated Drivers

Always remember that the more you drink the increase chance you will make bad choices.

As Drivers on the road: It’s also worth keeping in mind, the deadliest roads in Stearns county to try to stay away from at night.