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Teen Driver Admits To Six Drinks Prior To Accident That Kills Passenger

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Friday, a 19 year old Anoka county woman, was charged with criminal vehicular homicide after the death of her passenger. The complaint claims she admitted to drinking six alcoholic beverages prior to driving. The teenager told investigators that she had been drinking vodka at a party and did not remember driving north on Hwy. 65 the night she allegedly rear-ended another car stopped at a traffic light at NE. 93rd Lane in Blaine.

A witness told police the car never broke and was traveling 85 to 90 mph before the impact. Two other drivers were also injured as a result.

This is a tragedy for all involved. Recent research indicates that deaths involving motor vehicles are down in Minnesota, but at the same time those deaths linked to drinking and driving have increased. The rules are simple and must always be followed:

  • Don’t Drink and Drive
  • Use designated drivers
  • Always remember that the more you drink, the more your odds of making bad choices increase.
  • As drivers on the road: It’s also worth keeping in mind, the deadliest roads in Stearns county to try to stay away from at night.