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The Designated Driver: Hero of Super Bowl

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The Minnesota Sate Patrol is looking for the true Hero of the Super Bowl to step forward. That real life person is the person who make sure others get home safely. They are the people who take the keys and keep drunks where they are at.

During Minnesota Super Bowl Weekends in 2006-2008, five of seven fatal accidents on the road were alcohol related. At the same time, nearly 1500 motorists were arrested for DWI. This can be a fun time as people get together , cheer on their team and watch commercials. Make sure you don't make it memorable for any other reason.

As for the food? Eating Well has some great suggestions.

Have fun, don't Drink and Drive and hopefully some day you will be around to see the Vikings back in it.

As for today? I was cheering for the Patriots. So I will be simply watching.