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There Are Some Benefits To Texting

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Check out the keyword "Text" here at the Injuryboard and you will find all sorts of stories about the dangers of texting and driving. There are a number of them calling for bans. It clearly is a problem that needs to be addressed.

But, today I wanted to say something good about texting. I came across a story about the use of texts used to give expecting mothers‘ a weekly text to keep them and their baby safe. The "text4baby" campaign for expectant mothers weekly messages timed to their due date includes tips on subjects like nutrition and immunization.

The research found that in the age of texts and tweets, that younger women were looking for quick, easy to access information vs. long articles. Hopefully, this idea will work and maybe lead to more positive uses of texts.

In order to sign up for the free service text the word "baby" to 511411. Cell phone companies have agreed to waive all fees for receiving the texts.