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Underage Drinking Laws Save Lives

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There have been a number of Injuryboard posts about the underage drinking topic. Personally, I’ve been concerned by our sending 18 year olds to war, college and allowing them to vote, but at the same time saying they can’t drink. When you remember that a lot of the laws were changed primarily to receive federal road funding, it doesn’t seem like the best way to make laws.

A recent study may change may people’s thoughts on the issue. It seems well supported that the law saves lives. The study, appearing in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that 732 lives were saved each year in the United States. Also that an additional 165 lives would be saved if every state adopted ‘use and lose’ laws, which suspend the license of anyone younger than 21 who is cited for possession, consumption or attempt to buy alcohol.

Those are a lot of young lives and families who are being protected. These cases, like the one that was recently here in Minnesota, are horrible tragedies. The numbers suggest that we are doing the right thing to prevent them.