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I was livid when I was watching the Senator from Texas pontificate over her amendment concerning the constitutionality of the health care bill. The argument was that states should regulate insurance issues. It was maddening to hear this argument form one of the group of senators who have stood up for weeks and argued for tort reform. Yep, federal regulation of individual states’ civil remedies.

But, it also reminded me of the past. When lawyers and tort reform wasn’t a partisan issue. When a bunch of trial lawyers were Republicans. Back when state rights and protecting the consumer was not part of party platforms. Before Bush and Rove figured out that attacking lawyers would help raise money. Make up stories and scare businesses, damn those people who were hurt. They don’t have money anyway.

Back before the President talked more about lawyers than he did terrorists in the State of the Union Addresses. When the US Chamber actually stood for all business and not just big business. As a life long Democrat, I’m really not in a hurry to see my brethren head back to a bigger tent. But, I guess that would have to happen first. I wonder if the amendment helped enlighten some of those Constitutional beliefs again. The consumer might like that.

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