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I don’t smoke, but my dad did a lot. I remember when he would visit a number of years ago and we would sit in the smoking section of a restaurant and nonsmokers would glare at us. They wanted to eat quicker, but would get mad because they were in the smoking section. I almost wanted to start smoking. A couple of years ago that issue was dealt, with as smoking was barred from restaurants and bars.

I remember the days when the smoking sign would come on in the airplane. I was a kid and the place would light up on most flights I was on. That issue was dealt with through federal regulation.

Now the Minnesota legislator is looking at banning smoking in cars where children are present. I remember with the bar debate, a couple of bar owners asking how long it would be before people were prevented from smoking in their own houses? It looks like we haven’t gotten there yet.

I remember reading Ayn Rand’s description of smoking being holding fire in your hands. Now it is probably true that she was being paid by tobacco companies to write early commercials, but non the less I still thought it sounded cool. Despite that I had breathed in enough secondhand smoke growing up to know I really didn’t have much interest in it. Despite all these it seems to me that adding another driving offense isn’t really the way to go. Let’s continue to educate the public about this issue and maybe even stop subsidizing the growing of tobacco, but it may be to soon too continue to grow the smoking ban idea.

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