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This past week, Maryland became the first state in the country to move, toward a total ban of baby crib bumpers. In making the move the state safety officials announced:

“If even one baby dies as a result of a baby bumper pad, that’s one baby too many,” said Joshua Sharfstein, the department’s secretary. “The course of action we’re taking is reasonable based on the evidence we’ve seen.”

The committee took a year to look at the research and found that the risk is ever present. There have been other writers here at the Injuryboard who have also looked at the issue:

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The concern is that babies will suffocate in their sleep as they roll into the bumpers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been reviewing the safety of crib bumper pads for years and started taking a fresh look at the issue in January 2011.

“Agency staff have previously stated that overstuffed bumper pads can be hazardous and staff is currently re-examining the safety of all crib bumpers, in an effort to provide parents with our best advice,” Scott Wolfson, the agency’s spokesman, said in a statement.

For any new parent there are all sorts of sleeping concerns. Hopefully, a close look at this issue by all states would make the concerns a little lighter.


  1. Gravatar for Cathy Hansen

    To begin with, I do think that the over stuffed, pillow like bumpers should be removed as they can pose a possible suffocation risk.

    However, not all bumpers should be banned. There are several new ventilated, or breathable bumpers that not only allow for free airflow throughout the crib, and do not pose a suffocation risk. The State of Maryland did ban traditional bumpers, but allowed all vertical bumpers. This makes so much sense, because we all know that there are advantages to having a bumper to protect the baby's head and to keep their limbs inside the crib.

    Everything is becoming such a "Nanny" state, rather than banning all these products, why not educate mothers and put warning notices on these products.

  2. Education is always better, and I'm glad to see that changes are making a difference. I would much rather babies grow up vs. ever having to deal with these tragedies. Thanks for reading and the comment.

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