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My June 6 post is a little late.

With a father that served in the Army before, during and after WWII, and a brother currently serving, I often think of the sacrifices of those in uniform. For years, near D-Day, June 6, I would dig out my tape of "The Longest Day," the star-studded black and white classic detailing the first day the invasion of Normandy, and shed a few tears. The film "Saving Private Ryan" came out a few years ago; a more realistic chronicle of Omaha Beach, and the reaction was intensified. Many old men shed tears watching that film, and thanked Speilberg for his work.

After watching both these films, I was inspired to write a few words, and a few years later, we posted the article on our website, and I think it’s worth the time to think of all we have to be thankful for:

As my father’s generation ages, we must remember the heroic sacrifice these soldiers made. Tom Brokaw wrote in his book that the "Greatest Generation" simply saved the world. It started long before D-day, and it continued long after. But today it is appropriate to honor their sacrifice, and the sacrifice made by all who wear the uniform of free nations.

I won’t ruin "Private Ryan" by telling you the ending. But the penultimate two words spoken to Private Ryan are a message to us in modern society that enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice. Tom Brokaw told us that this "Greatest Generation" saved the world. "Saving Private Ryan" tells all of us, in no uncertain terms, to "Earn this."

This post has got nothing to do with safety, lawyers or injury. It’s about respect, and remembering the horrors of war and the sacrifices of those who preceded us.

If you see a veteran, thank them for their service. And try to earn all they gave for us.


  1. Gravatar for Daniel 8791

    It really is all about respect, no doubt. My father served in WWII and brought home some life lessons that he taught me over the years. A close cousin of mine is also a veteran who was stationed in Korea about 15 years ago. And I now have a "prospective girlfriend" who is serving in Iraq now, until early next year. I am extremely proud and full of thanks to these three, as well as all of the veterans across the United States and the whole free world too.... Thanks for the posting about this life enrichening frame of heart and mind.

  2. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    Another inspiring post about D Day, you have always done a great job of remembering the importance of each of the people that have served our country.

  3. Gravatar for Joe Crumley

    Thanks, Daniel, for taking the time to read and comment on the post. Say thanks to your father and brother for me.

    My baby brother was stationed on the 38th parallel till a few weeks ago, and he's heading for the Middle East.

    I am curious about the concept of "prospective girlfriend." Maybe you can explain that... Must be something new since I was in the market ;)

  4. Gravatar for Joe Crumley

    Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your comments, especially given all your excellent contributions to this board. As Lombardi says, I am only a grasshopper.

  5. Having just passed Memorial Day I enjoyed the eloquent and timely thoughts about our basic foundations and as Dan says "respect". Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

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