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The Injuryboard usually has a blog a week, sometimes more, concerning the issues of texting, drinking, and speed while driving. Sometimes it’s about the topic directly, other times it’s a story about what happened when a driver wasn’t really driving. Each of the writers continue to point out the dangers of texting and driving. Go watch the video that a couple of members have posted.

It was with great concern that I was reading about "car advances" that were highlighted in a recent New York Times article. The report was that the Consumer Electronics Show was a field of technology giants like Intel and Google showing off dashboard technology. Apparently, we aren’t that far from personal computers being a part of the car package.

There were 10-inch screens above the gearshift showing high-definition videos, 3-D maps and web pages. Audi was showing off a pop out window that drivers could use to download information. Voice commanded screens were in the new Jaguar XJ. Ford’s new MyFord system lets the driver adjust temperature settings or make calls with a voice command and allows for a web browser that should only work when the car is parked.

People really shouldn’t be provided with any more ways to be distracted at a time when we are seeing a boom in accidents being caused by cellphone riveted drivers. Hopefully, common sense will dictate that the safety questions are answered before we see these kind of problems on the road.

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