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This month, the Minneapolis blog was looking at the questions that we get asked regularly as we meet with potential clients. Hopefully, we addressed a question that you have. If not, please email us or leave a comment.

How much does it cost to talk to you? We provide each of our consultations for free. This gives the client a chance to openly talk to a lawyer and not be burdened with a cost. If we take the case then we are paid out of the settlement/verdict in personal injury cases and up front in criminal cases.

Since you're Trial Lawyers, does that mean we have to sue someone? No, there is only a lawsuit after we first try to settle the case. The advantage you get from our trial experience is that we can take it to trial and have a successful track record that helps get your case settled.

Should I first see if I can work with the Insurance company? You can try, however the problem is that they aren't working in your interest. Even the nicest insurance adjuster still works for the company. So if you want someone with experience on your side, it's better to talk to an experienced trial lawyer first.

Is my case too small to talk to you? That is possible, but we never know that until we talk. We routinely talk to people who we can't help, but we don't mind taking the time to make sure that people know their rights I'm getting my bills paid, is there any reason to talk to a lawyer right now? It is always worth taking the time to make sure you are getting all of your benefits and making sure that each of your claims is being protected. You don't have to hire us if we meet, but at least you took the time to find out.

Am I doing the right thing in talking to you? That really is a question you have to answer for yourself. The insurance companies have spent a lot of money to convince people that it's wrong to bring a claim. Ask yourself why they do that.

The defendant is a relative or a friend, will a claim hurt them? I can never control how a defendant will react. The reality is that if there was any type of property damage claim made, their rates have gone up already. If that is the case, there is nothing that your claim will do to affect that. Beyond that, they have insurance coverage to make sure they are protected if they do something wrong (negligent).

Do we have to go to court? In most cases the answer is No. 90% of cases settle before they get sued out and about 90% get settled after and before they try. The possibility of trial is actually very small. You end up going to trial because the defense usually hasn't come up with enough money and there isn't another option.

What will the costs be? The costs are the money that we spend because we have your case. They don't include our staff or our overhead. The amount is usually impossible to know at the start of the case, but it is important that what a case needs, does get paid for. You don't want to hire a firm that either won't spend or doesn't have the money needed in order to properly represent you in your case.

Does it matter who I hire? Yes, as much as it makes a difference who you hire in any field. There are good and bad lawyers just like anything else. There are also lawyers who dabble in personal injury or criminal and really don't do many of your type of case. Personally, I want to make sure who I hire is talented and very good at what they do.

Do I need to like my lawyer? I have always felt that since representing a person is such a personal experience that liking the client and being liked is important. I like my doctor and that helps with my care. It is important that you feel comfortable with who you hire.

Keep in mind that every case is different. So it is very important that you talk to an attorney directly and make sure all of the information can be reviewed. It often happens that unique cases make for different results.

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