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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

I wonder if every celebrity lawsuit is really worth the press that the paparazzi seems to give them. Every couple of days, there is a story about this copyright claim or public slight that got one of the many "A listers" mad and started some civil action. Sometimes they even seem to be a way for an old "A Lister" to get back in the public eye.

We’ve been involved in a couple of less stars. But, a majority of our cases are normal, everyday people who were injured through no fault of their own. People who are just trying to make up for what they lost due to the fault of someone else. People who have absolutely no personal ambition to want to ever be in court.

I wonder what these other suits do to the juror’s perspective and if the reality of most cases not involving big names has much affect. Looking at a couple of examples:

Hulk Hogan suing Cocoa Pebbles because of a commercial that he claims resembles him. His argument is that he owns the rights to the image and they can’t use it for themselves.

The Talking Heads, David Byrne, is suing Florida Governor and Senate Candidate Charlie Crist for using their 1985 single Road to Nowhere in his senatorial campaign, the claim being that their is no endorsement intended and you just can’t repeatedly play the song without the rights. (The WSJ Law Blog has been adding to the list with Sarah Palin and Heart; John McCain and the Foo Fighters; John McCain and Jackson Browne; and Rush and Rand Paul )

Also there is the Lindsay Lohan "milkhohalic" lawsuit against e trade. That one is based on a connection between the commercial use of a first name to her personally. Although the paper exchange has been interesting and may lead to some unexpected results.

What interesting is looking at the topic is how there are stories of cases that are claimed to be stupid and frivolous and which end up with multi million dollar verdicts. Makes you wonder what job the press is doing when they only get the facts from one side. Or they let the personality get intertwined in the facts of the particular case.

I guess if nothing else, it shines some light on our system and how it works. That even celebrities have to actually go to court. It also may show them as being very human and affected by things the way the average person would be.

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