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For years, the Chamber of Commerce has participated in half truths and downright made up stories to spread tort reform. Making repetitive calls for taking away the common persons legal rights and to get the government off of the backs of Big Business.

It was interesting to get a week’s worth of URGENT ACTION ALERT emails with calls for that same government to now make one of the biggest bailouts in history of those same businesses. This urgent call, while necessary, has to chaff those legislators that have been continual Chambers targets.

In a recent press release, a regular target of the Chamber , the American Association for Justice, pointed out that it’s been the Chamber’s ideas that created this problem:

“U.S. Chamber has sought to destroy any check on corporate excess, accountability and greed," said American Association for Justice CEO Jon Haber. "By conducting the dirty work of Enron, Exxon, AIG, and a host of other negligent corporations, U.S. Chamber has put countless Americans in financial jeopardy."

Lou Dobb further examined the connection on CNN. As he points out, hopefully this call for government help, will not only work but also show the Chamber how wrong their broad attacks have been.

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