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It’s always interesting when a friend emails me an example of a frivolous lawsuit or sometimes I see them posted on a couple of the non lawyer websites I frequent on occasion. They are stories of people using lawn mowers to cut their hair or brushing their teeth with a shot gun. In many examples, the person also got enough money to go off and buy a small country.

The thing is, when you try to find the real case or follow up on the "facts" , guess what, the case was made up. Or the case was overblown to begin with. Sure there is always a dumb case or a fight over pants that might have gone further than some would have expected, but almost always the system takes care of those. They are thrown out on summery judgment, or if they get to the jury, real people see that there are no damages there.

What’s unfortunate is the stories do get passed around. There is the made up Winnebago case that national news outlets actually covered or actually they just posted the made up press release. So next time you hear or read about one of these cases, treat it like the email that offers 1,000,000,000,000 , if you just give them your bank account number. If it sounds out of line , it most likely is.

If you hear about one of these cases feel free to post about it here or with one of the other Injuryboard members, We aren’t afraid of talking about the topic and do spend time on get to the truth all the time.

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