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Today, the local paper included a poorly supported editorial from George Will aimed at trial lawyers, but throughly threatening all consumers. In what was really just a rewrite of the recent US Chamber attacks, he argued that we are victims of too many lawsuits. Unfortunately for him, the facts don’t support him.

Other members of the Injuryboard have been pointing out the weaknesses already. The numbers of lawsuits aren’t increasing, the information he relies upon is biased and this is just a front for the chamber’s arguments. I previously looked at the play ground claims.

It’s interesting that he uses the numbers of new lawyers each year, as if it means something. It would be like using English major graduates to say we are going to see more news articles. I believe that in the past, he would quote Shakespeare in the same type of attack until , it was pointed out that the quote actually meant the opposite of his misuse.

Trial lawyers continue to protect the rights of those who have been injured. At a time when big business continues to be shown to be even worse protectors of the public good then we all hoped, it’s imperative that we continue on the fight. Are there some questionable cases out there? Sure. But, it seems a lot like looking at this editorial, which is filled with folklore and half truths and saying all editorials should be stopped. Will should stop shilling for the US Chamber and get back to something he knows about.

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