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Mike Bryant

Will Investigation of Rev. Thomas Andert Show More Deception?

I have written a couple of times about statements that have been made by  St. John’s Abbot John Klassen.  Through out most of the responses has been the ongoing mantra that : All the names have been disclosed No one […]

Mike Bryant

Adrian Peterson’s Probation Ends Early

I got asked today : why Adrian Peterson’s probation was cut off early?   So I figured there might be others out there wondering.   It isn’t unusual for a person who has plead guilty to have their probation shortened.  Some […]

Mike Bryant

St. Cloud Diocese to Have Another Listening Session

The St Cloud Times reported today that there had been a press release from the St. Cloud Diocese that : Bishop Donald Kettler of the Diocese of St. Cloud will have a series of listening sessions in August following allegations […]

Joe Crumley

Archbishop Quitting Affects St. Cloud and St. John’s Priest Sex abuse cases

The resignation or firing of Archbishop John Nienstedt is big news nationwide.  My Minneapolis blog covers the news story in some detail.  But how does it affect the Diocese of St. Cloud and the St. John’s abuse cases? The Diocese […]

Mike Bryant

Constitutional Conservative? Nope Rep. Michele Bachmann

On her way out, Rep. Michele Bachmann has for the most part been pretty silent.   I have notice a couple of tweets about getting around the district, which she seemed to ignore for much of her 8 years.   She seemed […]

Mike Bryant

New and Old Family Christmas Memories

Due to having divorced parents I had the opportunity growing up seeing Christmas arrive in two separate parts of the country. With my Mom, Christmas in Rhode Island was lobster dinner at my God Mothers, midnight mass and opening of […]

Mike Bryant

Are Monday Lives Saved by Daylight Saving Time?

There is an interesting statistic to consider as you get yourself used to the gained hour today: People are safer drivers during daylight hours, and researchers have found that DST reduces lethal car crashes and pedestrian strikes. A study concluded […]

Mike Bryant

New List Of 17 From The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis Has 4 That Were In Diocese of St Cloud

The historic disclosure of 17 new names this past week from the  Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis included the names of 4 that were also in the Diocese of St Cloud.  Troubling is that 2 of those names are […]

Mike Bryant

Pedophile Priest Getting Salary, Health Insurance, Living Expenses Vs. Prison

The Child Victims Act has given survivors the chance to get justice.  To come out into the light and recover for their losses.   As the cases have come forward and discovery has uncovered information, the comparison to what has […]

Mike Bryant

Minnesota Deptartment of Revenue Issues Check Fraud Alert

The Minnesota Department of Revenue requests the following information be shared with check-cashing facilities in Minnesota: There have been multiple attempts in the last week to cash fraudulent checks bearing the State of Minnesota routing number (096000962) but not the […]