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On her way out, Rep. Michele Bachmann has for the most part been pretty silent.   I have notice a couple of tweets about getting around the district, which she seemed to ignore for much of her 8 years.   She seemed more interested in speeches around the country vs. passing any bills.  Even bills that reduced the number of laws.   I was going to let it go as she headed out,  until I heard this:

“I didn’t get sucked into the system of Washington,” she said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I didn’t become a politician. I was a constitutional conservative.”

That is so far from the truth.  She ignores many parts of the constitution as she jumps from idea to idea.  Here is where I have looked at the issue in the past:

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She never ever seemed to even know the 7th amendment existed.  It is not hard to understand.  It is even clearer than the 2nd.

It will be interesting to see how Congressman Emmers does.  I have tried cases with him and I hope he brings the basic understanding of the 7th to the forefront.   He can be a real  constitutional conservative ,  and while I will disagree with a number of his votes,  at least he will be true to the beliefs.

The Constitution gives us certain rights that aren’t there to be doled out in little pieces. We hear those who have no doubt about all of the protections of the first or second amendments. It’s time that their actions supported the rhetoric.

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